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Bella Delle

Bella Delle is a young Atlanta-based singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress.

She is a quadruple talent, charismatic pop artist, who creates distinct, instantly recognizable music while conveying strong emotions to the audience.

Pure, catchy and harmonious, Bella’s songs are deep and soulful and have something to offer to people of all ages and backgrounds. As per iHeart radio, Bella’s “authenticity shines through in each of the compositions, showing her magnificent alto voice.”

Bella was born in New York to parents from Minsk, Belarus, who left their country in 2006. The family moved Atlanta, GA when Bella was 4 years old.

Bella has always been a natural performer, so her parents enrolled her into the local theatre.

At age of six, Bella joined the professional theatrical company that performed on stages throughout Georgia and Florida. Bella called it her “happy place” because she could do all of what she loved together: singing, acting, and dancing.

Bella found a creative and productive outlet in writing lyrics and melodies, and producing her art. She released her first EP called Feelings in October 2021. Her songs and music videos have already garnered tens of thousands streams and views.

Becoming the Laureate 1st degree at the international singing competition “Platform” and being selected to perform for several years in a row at one of Atlanta’s biggest charity events called “Tower of Talent” are some of Bella’s most intriguing live performance achievements to date.