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Sophia Anderson

“Julie is almost like Spotify, it's like she has a database of songs that she knows are perfect for you in her head”

Singing has been something that has always been really special to me from being little, I have always wanted to sing and knew that it would be something I would try and still try my best to make it my future. I have had a massive journey along the way and Julie has been a massive part of that journey for me!

After having singing lessons through school, going onto college and doing music and then going to a performing Arts school in London, i have encountered a lot of singing teachers, training and different approaches. Being in London and training at a performance college was an amazing experience, i got some great technique training and learnt a lot, however that being said i had my confidence stripped out of me, i went thinking i was a good singer and that it was what i should be doing, but leaving i questioned myself, my confidence and my journey.

After living in london for 4 years, i came home, i was auditioning and still trying, however my path was totally lost, for myself, my journey and my purpose when it came to music. I was working in another job, like we all have too, and I realised just how much I missed singing, not for anything other than the love I had for the actual singing and how happy it made me, I just wanted to sing! I found Julie, and all I can say was she changed everything. From our first lesson not only was she a warm, approachable, kind and caring person, the space, atmosphere, equipment and whole vibe was amazing.

I realised why I loved singing so much! I think the best part of it all, was that Julie truly believed in me, and made me feel like I could. Within a few lessons, Julie knew my voice, style and what worked well with me. We covered technique and performed songs, making sure everything was placed how it should, but still with my quirks of my voice. I feel this is something Julie is amazing at, she allows you to have your style whilst still using your technique.

Julie is almost like Spotify, it’s like she has a database of songs that she knows are perfect for you in her head, she is never ever short of suggestions, it’s amazing! She has given me countless opportunities, auditions and most importantly made me believe in myself! I will forever be thankful to Julie, She IS the best vocal coach you could find in my eyes!